Spinning frisbee app

Your iPad is getting old and boring. Why not trash it in style?
When you hurl your iPad in a spinning fashion over some distance the accelerometer picks this up and a spinning frisbee will be visible on the display during the flight for extra effect. Also a sample of  a barking dog would be cool.


Promotions and contests

It´s time for the Facebook Contest! The best way to make your Facebook page popular! You create your competitions, and through them you can ensure that many will like your page! This, of course, if they visit your Facebook page! But most people who have done it (thus created their Facebook Contest) say this will undoubtedly lead to many visitors finally and that your page will be popular anyway! Another problem is to find a supplier! Thus any program or similar to create the contest you are looking for! On ClickAppy.com I found the best one! With their program, anyone can make an app. or more in the easiest way possible! That’s not all! One can do almost how many applications for facebook at any time in almost any category at a price that is laughable! It costs less than a cup of coffee as they describe on their side! It would be best for those who are interested to visit the site on ClickAppy.com and watch their demo video in order to obtain the right information! I think now that I’ve done what I could and leave the rest to you! Have a great day! 😀


Another deep dive in the rubbish pile over at appstore

On the top of the bullshit pile we will find… Cry translator.
This app translate your babys crying and tells you what your baby want.
And then it pays all your bills or what?

What You Need to Know About Getting Facebook Likes.

What ever your business goals, you can work to accomplish many of them with all that Facebook has to offer. However, one hurdle that businesses seem to face today is getting more people to join their Facebook page. Providing something in exchange for a page “like” is not the simplest task for so many businesses. In the following article we look into a few effective ideas to help you get more Likes for your fan page on Facebook.

Test out and place the comment ability for your landing pages, and you will see that people will not necessarily need to be a fan. In a way, this allows you to get lots of feedback from your target audience, without having them to Like your Page. This help you get more Likes because any comments made on your landing page can be broadcast to the users news feeds, which in effect can get you more traffic to your Page. You most likely will need to hire a programmer to do this because it involves dealing with FB apps. You can get a lot of free advertising by using your own Facebook property, which is your profile, and then simply show people the link to your Fan Page.

Face the Facebook app!

Many people associate Facebook apps with complicated programs dealing with the task to make it harder for us than usually is! Anyway, after trying to come to grips with it for a long time suddenly everything started falling into place and I could see it all from a different perspective,  perhaps as many often say, see it from the bright side! And all thanks to the internet of course! By searching diligent under various headings such as “Facebook app”, “app creator“, etc. I could finally find what I was looking for, videlicet the best Facebook app generator ever created! They call it ClickAppy! A stunning program that allows you make Facebook app for free! Could it be better? I do not think so! Anyway if you are one of those enthusiasts who want to experiment and learn the simplest way to make a Facebook app, I must say that you have reached the right place! Not only that this program is free, it is also the best program you can think of making Facebook apps with, according to all those who have used it, including myself! Do you dare face the Facebook app! 😀

A word from the sponsor

Yes yes! Doing this on work hours. It’s time to mention SkandNet media and what SkandNet is about.
SkandNet is a Media company sitting in Stockholm Sweden and work with internet marketing.
SkandNet Media is awesome and can add many new users to your company Facebook fan page using nifty Facebook applications that engage Facebook users and make them happy and like your company a lot. And that what smart online marketing and SkandNet media is all about.

I am a genius

This one goes for Sweden and maybe Sweden only. See we got this washing machine i the basement of every appartment building. And to go with that there is a booking board. Neat and very good thing in the land of order.
Thats how you do it in Sweden! – Smashing. Maybe this system exists in other countries as well. If thats the case. Good for you.
The problem is that the booking board is always in the basement in connection to clothwashing thingies and there is no way you could possibly remember what time is booked. And you will most sertainly miss your time and then there is 2 weeks until next opportunity.
This mess needs an app!
You take a foto of the board. The app sort out the numbers and then you get a notifications what ever way you like. Alot of smart presets will  of course be avalible . And then the 2.0 version of this app even send messege to the ones you are sharing appartment with.

I am a genius. Borring app but genius.

No sync app.

Ok not that fun blog post. But i would still like to this app 2013.

How about an app that lets you connect your phone to your computer?
Wouldn’t that be neat? No software no extra useless icons and programs running in the background looking for updates on my computer. No I do not want to sync my phone with whatever that seems to be needed to sync. No fuzz just plain access to your files on the phone. It used to be like this with android phones – not anymore you have to install sync software on your computer. For the iPhone people this is not even a viable wish but you didn’t buy your iPhone for usability either. But still hooking your phone as a storage unit should not be a hustle with useless software and drivers.

Training for gentle men

Training apps we got but didn’t people look fancier in the nineteen thirties?
I want look as fancy as a thirties bloke.
So what do we have here.
Well some kind of bare knuckle boxing instructions should be a part of the app. Learn the right stance. Defend yourself with style. Do some push ups but not too many.
The run tracker will be more like a walk in the park app. At what park bench did you stop? Where did you tip your hat at a fellow gentleman?
Help you keep up with your gentleman development while taking a walk. If you start to move to fast the GPS picks this up and a subtle alarm will go off to remind you of what being a gentleman is all about.

After your journey around the park full of hat tipping you will of course be able to upload your route complete with park bench and hat tipping data to Facebook. Let your Facebook friends know you are way fancier then they are.

Rule #1 keep head away from oponent knuckle.

It’s blog time

Time to figure out another good for nothing app. Aaaand the witty box is empty. Good thing there are plenty of really useless stuff going on in AppStore and GooglePlay.
Here is an example.

Yes behold the pocket heater that does nothing…



A while ago PocketHeat was just that, a pocket heater. You wonder how? Well if you got an app that throw a lot of random calculations at the cpu to a degree that it’s maxed out combine that with full load on the accelerometer and voila you got a warm iPhone for your frozen fingers in your pocket. Oh happy joy – not really. See this is not good for your phone. Running warm and soaking the battery at record speed is not how Apple want you to treat your phone. The story should end here but not so. You can now for 99 cent buy a PocketHeater  that simulates a heater with a nice picture and all without any warmth. It’s endlessly stupid.

Yes I want one!

Wake up and Scream

Let me hear your snooze face!
Slamming your phone snooze style is not good for your phone and the fiddling after snooze button on the screen would be long gone. Accidently turned the alarm off instead of putting it to snooze lately? I have.

So, you would like snooze?
With this alarm clock you would have to ask yourself: Will this snooze session get me evicted?
The app will require some sort of cry to go into snooze – record your snooze cry, play previous recorded snooze cry 9 minutes later and require a louder cry, record that for the next snooze and… You get where this is going.

That’s not a snooze face! Let me see your snooze face!